About Us

MEDIA ONE NEWS, the pioneer of Live Digital (Web) Channel in Pakistan works under the way of thinking of


MEDIA ONE NEWS is Pakistan’s first Private Live Digital (Web) Channel that gives live transmission all the while from Pakistan and Global. MEDIA ONE NEWS has a broad system of journalists both inside the nation and outside Pakistan with best in class studios and linkup offices in the government and common capitals where MEDIA ONE NEWS professionals and experienced group guarantees opportune broadcast of data in a precise way nonstop.

Other than its thorough news inclusion and updates, MEDIA ONE NEWS offers wide scope of phenomenal experiences on themes running from legislative issues, business and fund, money and securities exchange to mold stimulation and climate refreshes.

To uncover however much as could reasonably be expected about the most selective and fascinating parts of the news has consistently been a need. After distribution of the story on web, it’s likewise modified and refreshed with the advancement of the story. The site likewise edges with interesting web journals and entrancing highlights contribute by capable scholars and writers.

Our Vision

MEDIA ONE NEWS will be the voice of opportunity from Pakistan. It will feature the issues of concern and the social extravagance of its kin through data, exchange and excitement.

MEDIA ONE NEWS will proliferate straightforwardness of duty that will guarantee its situation as the most believable and important wellspring of data, through quality programming dependent on issues.

MEDIA ONE NEWS will give excitement spectators can identify with, subsequently making watcher dependability and reaction.

MEDIA ONE NEWS will put resources into HR as it remembers it to be the establishment whereupon the Media One News future will be assembled. It is this very establishment that will enable Media One News to achieve and continue an administration position, along these lines satisfying the guarantee related with its creation.


Lahore, Pakistan